We understand how important it is to be able to return to your sport injury-free, quickly and efficiently. As physios, we regularly treat sportspeople to help them return to their passions as soon as it is safely possible. We also understand that our role is to help guide them back to strength through the rehabilitation process.

Sports performance

A runner on a training run

Physiotherapy isn’t just for when you are injured, it should also be used for optimising your performance and identifying areas of weakness to reduce your risk of injury. 

Because most sports require some kind of running, this constitutes an important part of any assessment. If you are recovering from a lower limb injury we should assess your form so that you are running as efficiently as possible. In the long-term, this will help reduce the load on your joints.

Any clinical assessment should aim to break down the movements of your sport. By doing this we look to identify the dysfunctions or imbalances that impact on your symptoms and performance.

The biomechanical assessment

  • Functional movements
  • Strength, flexibility and stability
  • Motor control
  • Gait analysis 

Following a biomechanical assessment, we will devise a bespoke rehabilitation programme. If necessary, the programme will include some running re-training so that we address any issues identified. We will also discuss your plan to get you back to your sport. All the while, ensuring that get back to what you love, stronger, fitter, and as quickly and safely as possible.

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